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[Position] China's leading rubber and plastic products provider    [Principle]    Integrity, pragmatism, win-win    [Target]     internationalization, brand, professionalization    [Mission]     achievement customers, achievements brand, achievement staff

Bulletin information:

Anhui Hua Sheng Plastic Ltd, founded in October 2007, is located in National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Ningguo, Anhui. It

covers an area of 20000 square meters and was registered with capital of 11.5million yuan. Our company is 220km far from Shanghai, 130km far from

Hangzhou and 100km far from Huangshang, having convenient transportation and delivery system.


Enterprise Mission

Customer achievement, Brand achievement and Employee achievement

Management Idea

Management Principle

Integrity, Pragmatism, and Win-win

Enterprise Goal
Internationalization, Branding and Specialization

Our company’s quality principle is “Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, quality first is our eternal goal”. In line with the principle, our company has established and perfected completed quality control and management system. Our company has passed TS16949 certificate and is ready to pass ISO. 14000 certificate. We ensure the quality assurance system is conducted by each staff and every production detail to let every customer trust our products. Our products have gotten a lot of praises about quality from customers all over the world.


Main Products
The products are mainly plastic beads, plastic supports, casing covers, steam generator steam chambers, combinations, silicone gaskets, bellows, connecting rods, rubber and plastic rings, various types of plastic nuts, plastic switches, dust covers, seal pads, and other plastic products.

Adopt Advanced Technologies


Our company adopts CAD, PRO-E, UG and SOLIDWORKS software to design, develop and manufacture products. Our company actively promotes and practices modern enterprise management concept, based on people, and tries to build up a modern enterprise with advanced technology, scientific management, great business, and first-class employees. Our company is using the advanced machines and exquisite skills to provide customers with superior products and services.

Quality Assurance

In 2016, our company has gained a lot of patents for roof rack related products and was rated as “High-tech company” again. Besides,Signed the "Industry, Research and Research Base" with Hefei University of Technology.

Pay Attention To Material Selection
In line with the principle, our company has established and perfected completed quality control and management system. Our company has passed TS16949 certificate and is ready to pass ISO. 14000 certificate.



"User satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. Quality fi...


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  +86 18056397320

Company:Economic Development Zone of Ningguo City, Anhui
Mail:ceo@hs-sj.cn    wuhao@hs-sj.cn


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